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Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

This is it. The sequel to the Avengers, the movie team up first in the history of cinema adaptation of the legendary Marvel comics. Two years after the Battle of New York, and 7 years after starting the project Marvel Marvel Cinematic Universe that starts from the Iron Man in 2008.

If you already clay trailers 'Age of Ultron' this, you'd know this was going there a lot of battles and a lot of character superhero tumplek tin in one of this film. And the trailer was not a lie.

The film starts on a mission to reclaim the Avengers Scepter (stick?) Her Loki who've made the whiz-whiz overwhelmed us. Although HYDRA dah exposed it out in Captain America: The Winter Soldiers, the kroco-kroco their investigators are still running their underground facilities in the outposts hemisphere. And in one of the bunkers, they are experimenting with the Scepter. In this bunker Avengers managed to secure the artifact and learn that Scepter it can to jump start will research technologies, from robotics to super-powered humans (ahem, Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch).

From the beginning of the film was, we dah exhibited growth of our hero characters. Of Iron Man's new armor, to the dynamics of the Hulk and Black Widow to calm his emotions to get back to form Banner. Caves Like hell gini rich, in-depth development they can be seen in the previous films, and here we've served aftermath of the problems and the solutions that they have. So not complicated should be explained a lot more.

Before we return the team to the Scepter Asgard, Tony asked for time to study them, because Tony considers himself able to control that power and applying it to the program 'Artificial Intelligence' is being developed.

At the time Tony and Banner left the automation of the development of AI and celebrate celebrating their victory, Ultron was born. And like all evil AI, Ultron decided that in order to achieve world peace, humans must become extinct, because humans are a threat to his own kind.

Expectations will be a sequel to Avengers is so big, and Joss Wheddon as a director and a familiar figure in the world of comics and the world of the nerd, pay off all the promises that he made a promise.

This film has an incredible VFX, scoring the music is heroic, and almost all the old and new characters are introduced present here (sorry, 'Guardians of the Galaxy' nobody, soale Star Lord again cool adventure on the planet who knows where).

New characters, Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch was also introduced as a badass who is able to compensate for the greatness of the name of the superhero before, so the cave was cool-cool wrote.

Caves also can not tell you much will the plot in this movie, because there are a lot of twist and seed new story that ultimately culminate in 'Avengers: Infinity Wars' in 2019 later. If you are a big fan of Marvel films, this movie really worth to watch.

On the other hand, perhaps for some other reviewer, this film has a huge weight to bear and expectations are very high, and might burden that ultimately they can not bring their own.

Ah pretext.

This film is a superhero film cool in the cave. Simpel aja. When there is a man who could turn into Buto Ijo, super genius who could make armor at will fly him, and no one can run secepet lightning, the film is already moving into the realm of imagination.

You gotta embrace your inner children, man. And 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' delivers it. Big time. Nevermind what the Critics say.

So, let's invite my friends geek guys, buy snacks. And we'll see you in your favorite movies. Once wrote dapet bonus Luna Maya could see that again cosplay so Black Widow.

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